Inspirational Improvisations
  Michaele Alyras de Cygne

"ThreeSixtyFive" is my response, (if not knee jerk reaction), to the general sorrow, and the waves of hatred that already are beginning to flood this nation's legal system, and collective psyche, as direct byproducts of collective fear, and entitlement to hate arising in the United States as direct consequences of Donald Trump acquiring the country's presidency. The emotional, and psychological pain felt by tens of millions of U.S. citizens, and by hundreds of millions around the world, prompts me to record, and present a solo voice work for each day in the year ensuing the election. This is my Light shining through the darkness, for all who may need a little bit of a brighter day, or Night.

These voice works are being recorded, live and raw, in whatever setting I may happen to be. [With the exception of those I record into my phone's voice recorder while waiting for a train, or bus--way too much noise in those; but, I have some real goodies in that phone that I need to sing for you, when I am in a much quieter setting.] Very little editing is being done to these.

I am an artist, not a politician, nor an activist; politically, I am neutral, so, as a jazz vocalist, and sound healer, THIS is my social activism. May this Love, (and its Light), expressed through me, reach your heart, enable you to express emotions you may not have words for, and uplift your soul, mind, and spirit to empower you to be the brightest Light you may be; today, and every day!"
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November 9, 2016
San Francisco, CA
[revised 12/07/2016]

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